Struggling with your computer's slow speed and instability?
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Your computer's performance declines with usage. For optimal performance your computer needs a tune-up on a regular basis.

  Symptoms of poor
  computer performance.

  • Slow computer boot up

  • Fatal error messages

  • Frequent system crashes and lockups

  • Slow loading application programs

  • Long waits for Internet pages to load

  • Sluggish computer performance

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Veloz provides the tools and service you need to get your computer up to speed!

Taking your computer to the repair shop can cost you well over $200, potential data loss, and no guarantee your problems will be solved! With Veloz service you have a 100% no-risk guarantee, your computer will be running like NEW! Fast and Clean!

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What is Veloz Speedup Service?
  • A complete computer speedup service, guaranteed to make your computer perform like new.

  • Tools to protect your computer from Viruses, Spyware, Hijackers, and Popups.

  • Access to live technicians who will help each step of the way.

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  Anti-Virus industry leader, StopSign, which includes:

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